Baby Safe – Protoboard Assembly Begins.

ReFlow Oven

All the components for the first proto run have been received.
In order to test the reflow-oven we used some SMD291AX  no clean solder paste and started by attaching the battery clips to the bottom of the board

This paste is a 63Sn/37Pb paste which according the the oven’s manual should require wave 2.

We tried this and the paste was still gray and brittle after the initial run which would indicate that the temperature wave did not peak high enough or for a long enough period.

The instructions on the paste stipulate SMDSYSTEM3 for bottom heat and hot air.

I decided to try wave 3 on the oven – this matches the SMDSYSTEM3 graph.
The results were perfect with a decent bond.

The next step is to attach the components to the top side and solder them in with the reflow system.

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