Use Karlsson Robotics to Design and Build your product

Are you an inventor or do you have a product idea that you want to see become a reality? If so consider having us design and build it for you.

We have the in-house abilities to design your circuit, lay out your PCB’s, build a prototype and if needed assemble your boards. Our equipment can handle components as small as 0201, whether on a reel, in a waffle tray, or a cut strip.

We can build your prototype:

Button Board Prototype


And when you sign off on it, go into production:




Whether you need a complex system with many sensor and other inputs and multiple control outputs:



Or something simple:



We have the experience to turn your product idea into a tangible design or product.

We offer reasonable hourly rates or a per project rate for your prototype. We can usually go straight into production withing two to three weeks after finalizing all components in the system.

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  • Robert Webb February 29, 2016, 10:59 am

    We run an Escape Room in Charleston SC.
    Hopefully you are familiar with the Escape Room concept, if not, please see our web site. It is a family entertainment game where groups have to try to escape from a room within one hour. The build out below is for our Ransom room. It is a creepy room where the story is you are trying to get your child back from a Kidnapper. Without that context some of these requests are strange.

    We are building out a new room and need some unusual items. I was hoping I could define our needs exactly and work with one of your team members to build the unit. I don’t need a production run. I am only looking for 2 or 3 of each device. Here is a brief breakdown of what we need.

    Unit 1 – biometric sensor
    2x SEN-12041 Capacitive Touch Breakout. Place them on opposite sides of the room in one circuit. To “activate” the circuit two people have to touch the buttons at the same time. Sort of like the old “simultaneous key lock” for the nuclear missiles on 70’s TV. That will send a signal to a dc powered solenoid and speaker. (see below)

    Unit 2 – Train station
    Easy hit. We need you to wire up something that takes the output of the Capacitive Touch Breakout and does 2 things at the same time;
    A) Drops (retracts) a solenoid – same as used for a cheap mag door lock. This allows a brio wooden train to roll down the track. Solenoid was blocking it from moving until it drops.
    B) At the same time, or maybe 2 sec delay, start the sound board. Sound file should play one time. Sound file will be of a RR Train. The model train guys have tons of files so no concerns there.

    Unit 3:
    Motion detector or series of them. We have the bed, we would just mount this to the bottom of the bed we already have.
    A) As user reaches their hand under the bed it triggers the motion detectors.
    B) That turns a motor hooked to a jack in the box. The jack is turned upside down so that he “springs” out of the bed and toward the floor.
    C) the team has to get something from under the bed. As they reach back 2 things)
    1) First beam tripped we turn the motor. Gives the creepy music and warns them something is about to happen.
    2) If they try to reach through real fast and grab – to avoid the music, we need to trigger the Jack. We can do that by having a second IR beam very close to the object and when that is tripped the Jack deploys. If it already deployed then nothing additional happens, it just pushes on the piece of metal a second time.
    D) Awesome “nice to have” – but not need to have. Can the music play faster as they move back through the detectors. I am imagining 3 or 4 so that each additional one you trip makes the motor turn faster which makes the music play faster.
    E) Another nice to have is that if they pull their hand out – because they are scared, then the motor stops.

    Unit 4
    Terrible video feed.
    We have a maze for a small RC car. The idea is the group has to drive the car around the maze to push out a key or a ball with a code in it. The original idea was to have the transmitter across the room where they could not see the maze. Then the group has to work together with one being the eyes while another drives. However, the remotes on our little RC cars are terrible – but they are cheap. So the new idea is to put a thin board over the maze. Now the remote is near the maze but you can’t see through. To reverse it we get a cheap web cam / video and film from under the maze through a piece of plexigalss. (easy for us to do as we can elevate the maze to any level we want). We want a poor quality display on the other side of the room. Something on a small lcd maybe. This is the “eyes” for the maze so they can see how to get out.

    Unit 5:
    Finger print reader acting as a switch for a door lock / magnet.

    Thank you in advance,

    Robert Webb
    Escape in 60, LLC

    • gkarlsson November 14, 2016, 6:15 pm

      Hi Robert,
      We Hardly ever check comments on our blog as most people click the ‘Contact Us’ to chat to us. This type of work is what we do and we have worked with other escape rooms. If you are still interested let us know.


  • steve makowski August 17, 2016, 11:29 am

    We are looking to make a remote control solenoid that runs on a rechargeable battery. I saw the 5v solenoid, 4 button 433mhz remote & receiver. But electronics is not our specialty (were plastic injection molders) so I am a little lost on converting a lithium battery at 3.3v to 5v plus the bread board & wiring to make the solenoid engage.
    We are really looking for the solenoid, receiver, rechargeable battery in the smallest footprint possible that would still work. We are still playing with the overall product design so we are only looking for 5-6 units right now. Is that something you can help us with or give me a bill of material of what I should buy from you guys to make it?
    Thanks in advance for your time!
    Foremost Plastic Products

    • gkarlsson November 14, 2016, 6:23 pm

      Hi Steve,
      Please click on ‘Contact Us’ and enter your info there – that is the best way to contact our technical staff.


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