SchmartBoard – Quick Start Guide


Before you use the SchmartBoard for your SMT device be sure to follow the following guidelines:


Make sure that you have an variable temperature iron powered by at least 40 Watts. You will need a consistent temperature of 750 degrees or so to melt the lead free solder on a SchmartBoard|ez board. Our 50W Soldering Iron should me more than sufficient.

Soldering Iron Variable Temperature 50W

Use a water soluble solder flux. No flux or a sticky flux will not work well for you. Make sure your soldering iron tip is smaller than the pitch that you are soldering. If you have a .5mm pitched part, you will need a tip of .4mm or smaller.

Liquid Flux Pen - Water Soluble

If you follow the instructions, you should have a pleasant experience with our boards. As with any project, make sure you have the correct tool.

You should use tip tinner to keep your tips in good condition after soldering every few SchmartBoards.

Solder Tip Tinner and Cleaner

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